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    Stabile Law Firm, LLC attorneys provides legal services in New Jersey and New York:

    * Aggressively pursue your case
    * Return your phone calls promptly
    * Speak plainly
    * Give you regular reports on your case
    * Openly and honestly discuss our ONE time flat fee so there are no surprises

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    The consequences of being convicted of a traffic offense in New Jersey go beyond the fine and inconvenience. An excessive number of traffic tickets on your license and the associated points can cause a suspension of your license by the Motor Vehicle Commission. In addition, many traffic offenses carry a license suspension that can or must be imposed by the Court.

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    Our team of lawyers finds innovative solutions to our clients' needs. We truly are vigorous in our representaon. We never back away from a fight, but we choose our battles carefully to ensure the best outcome for our clients. We are passionately committed to our clients' needs [...]

    Steve Stabile
    Steve Stabile
    Tara Yodice
    Megan Lavery Smith
    William Popovich
    William Popovich

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